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Spring Summer 2016
Romancing the era of the 50’s with flamboyant florals, sharp stripes and playful polka dots. A bold collection to celebrate the journey of the modern woman, someone with a youthful and vibrant attitude to life.

Strong prints, fit and flare silhouettes, pleated skirts, jumpsuits, halter necks and structured dresses recreated in a contemporary context, while retaining the element of classic glamour.

Cross stitch embroideries, a signature staple from the brand reappear in this collection and pixilated cross stitch prints take this story forward. Digital and graphic thread embroideries creating a 3D effect have been used in garment engineered motifs. Dupions, chanderis, crepes and georgettes are fabrics that have been extensively employed.

The collection gradually evolves into a softer pastel palette in tonal octaves keeping the silhouettes fluid, a reflection of the carefree woman of today.

Winged out eyeliner, feline shades, patent leather footwear made in Ivory nude and black accessorize and complete the look.

An extract from “Asking for Roses”

'Tis summer again; there's two come for roses.

A flower unplucked is but left to the falling, And nothing is gained by not gathering roses.

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